Established in 2011, LiveryList continues to be the UK’s #1 ranked Equestrian Livery Yard Directory

LiveryList has helped fill thousands of livery vacancies, as well as promoting other services offered by the yards listed on the site.

Our aim for this project was not only to present a clearer, more modern and dynamic website for LiveryList, but also to create a fully functional engine that powers user engagement and interactivity across all areas of the website, with a powerful bespoke search engine to allow visitors to search 100’s of equestrian centres quickly and easily.

Web Development

From a web development point of view, this was such an exciting project to work on. The expansive existing Livery List database was exciting to work with, allowing us to add structured navigation to the website that really elevates the final outcome to a level that we are confident users will love!

Website Design

Yello Media are incredibly proud of both the website design and development that was produced as a result of working with the Livery List. The new website remains loyal to a more traditional website structure but blends seamlessly with modern design trends, resulting in a website that not only looks fantastic but has great usability.

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