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10 Tips For Choosing A Web Design Company

As your website will be the online face of your company, you need to ensure that visitors and potential customers get the best brand experience possible to succeed and convert. This article is meant to give business owners a quick overview of the factors they need to consider when in search of a web design agency to engage.

Since your website is one of the most important assets of your business, selecting the right web design services and team to work with you is not a decision to take lightly. Working with the wrong team can lead to costly mistakes, as well as missed objectives. Here are nine things you should look for when choosing your web design agency.

1. They Listen To Your Needs

Your web design team should listen to your ideas – after all, it is your website. Only work with a team who is willing to thoroughly understand your needs and do what they can to implement your ideas.

2. They Add Value With Their Own Ideas

Your web design team should be experts in their field and understand what works. They can add tremendous value by making recommendations that can effectively meet your needs. Work with a team who recommends ideas you may have overlooked on your own.

3. An In-House Marketing Team is a Must

Web design is part creativity and part marketing. Work with a team who has in-house online digital marketers – this ensures that they understand marketing and know which marketing features should be included in your website’s design.

4. Look for a Proven Track Record

When determining whether the web design agency is well-established, three key questions to ask are:

How long has the company been designing websites?
How many clients do they have?
How many people are on their team?
Having a long history of success with clients and projects indicates that the company will be able to support your business in the long term.

5. Look for a Portfolio of Live Websites

Most web design agencies have a live portfolio of past work in order to show their skills and work quality to future clients. Only work with agencies who can show you their portfolio so you can be confident that they can execute your project successfully. Avoid companies or freelancers that may not have the required experience and thus are learning on your dime.

6. They Set You Up for Success With The Right Content Management System

Work with a web design agency who is familiar with the best content management systems and plethora of tools available. Implementing the best tools is important so that once the website is launched, you can add or update your content easily and save yourself from future headaches. Your web design agency should provide an ecosystem for you to manage your website and digital marketing initiatives.

7. They Understand Conversion Optimisation Through Digital Marketing

Yes – it’s important that your website looks fantastic, but more importantly, it should convert. Your web design team should understand the factors of a high conversion rate and implement them into the design of your website. Otherwise, you may find yourself with an attractive website but no customers.

8.  Experience in Multiple Industries is a Plus

When a web design agency has experience with multiple industries and brands, they are more likely to know which features and functionalities are required for your website to succeed. They are also more likely to create a unique website that helps you stand out from the competition.

9. Understanding of Modern Website Design is a Must

Web design changes year after year, and it is important to stay relevant by using modern design elements on your website. Take a look at your agency’s portfolio to see if they clearly understand modern web design features such as responsive design and rich animations.

10. Check for online reviews

Online reviews give you an insight into how the web agency works – behaviour, technics, value-added service, professionalism and more. It gives you an in-depth understanding of the agency, as you are seeing personal reviews from previous clients who have had first-hand experience with them. You may check for reviews about them on Google and even Facebook.

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