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The Must-Have Features For Your Branded Business Website

So, you’ve decided that it’s high time to create a brand new business website. This decision might have been prompted by your desire for increased product sales. Or perhaps you want to raise awareness of a service of guaranteed interest to people in your local area. Either way, it is essential that you have a completely bespoke website which stands out in the ever expanding digital world. You can go a long way towards the realisation of your website objectives by incorporating the features highlighted in this helpful blog.

Branded Domain Name

The domain name is the first feature of your business website that must be taken into serious consideration. We can find out the availability of a given domain name. The ideal domain name will be short and easy to remember. A popular option is to claim an on-brand domain, like we did with yello.uk. However, it might be necessary to come up with alternatives if your branded domain is already taken. Think about the types of terms which your target web visitors are most likely to search for.

Business Logo

It is essential that you have a business logo which perfectly encapsulates your brand identity. If you’ve been in business for some time then there’s a fair chance that you already have a logo which your customers connect with. If this isn’t the case then it’s time to get cracking on your branded design. The design process should begin with some collaboration and contemplation. Sit down and have a good think about the logo style which will appeal to your target customers. Speak with your colleagues and jot down the best ideas in a brainstorm.
You should resist the urge to reach for the nearest set of coloured pencils, and instead begin the sketching of your logo in black and white. The initial time spent sketching should allow for the creation of a logo which perfectly reflects your desired brand image. Ideally you will come up with a range of designs which can be reviewed in terms of website suitability.

The ideal business logo will be:

  • Fairly simple
  • Visually unique
  • Timeless
  • Suitably colourful
  • Versatile


It will be important for there to be a balance between the visual and textual elements of your business website. Different fonts will conjure up a range of associations and connotations in the visitor’s mind.

We advise you to limit the number of fonts featured on your website pages, so that they don’t appear too busy or cluttered. It is best to keep to clear and easily readable fonts for visitor engagement and interaction. Care must also be taken over the use of coloured fonts, considering the contrast with other visual elements of your website.

Colour Palette

You should have the right mix of colour on your website for presentation of the desired brand image. Again, you should have a good think about the associations which customers are known to draw. Red is typically associated with love and danger. Green is commonly seen as natural and calming. The choice of colours should reflect the brand values and characteristics which you want to emphasise. It is best to minimise the range of colours which are featured on your bespoke business website. Care must also be taken to ensure consistency of colour between different web pages.

The website colour palette should feature:

  • 1 main colour
  • 2 primary colours
  • 3-5 complementary colours
  • 2 accent colours.

Photography & Icons

The visual focus should continue with consideration of the photography and icons to be featured on your business website. You must remember the importance of a cohesive web experience, applying common design standards to such visual elements. Photographs should complement and blend in naturally with the colours displayed on your website pages. There should be consistency in terms of the layout and presentation of your photography.
Time must also be spent creating and arranging the presentation of icons on your business website. It should be immediately apparent that all of the icons belong to the same branded group. Once more there should be a focus on the consistency of design, applying standards in relation to the sizing, spacing, and colour of your website icons. Inspiration should be drawn from other visual brand elements, such as the typographical design of your business name.

These factors should be considered in the design of branded icons:

  • Featured backgrounds
  • Level of detail
  • Use of shadowing
  • Colour combinations.

Choose Yello For Bespoke Website Design

The inclusion of the branded elements highlighted in this blog will go a long way towards the creation of a truly appealing website. However, you might be concerned about the amount of time required for design from scratch. You may be worried that you lack the design expertise or digital tools required for the perfect design of your branded business website. If these concerns sound familiar then it’s time to get in touch with Yello Media.

We have the design expertise and resources required for the creation of a bespoke website which will stand out for all the right reasons. Go ahead and get in touch for a no-obligation chat about the design of your brilliantly branded website today.

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