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4 Keys To Better Brand Positioning

What is brand positioning anyway?

The question about what is brand positioning can be answered thus:
it is the goal of being able to outperform your competition. 

Lets look a little deeper at this concept. To do this successfully however involves a little more work. A more complete summary of brand positioning is as follows:

To successfully position your brand, your company needs to give customers a clear, focused, short, believable, unique, and memorable message that separates you from your market competitors.


1. Start with your brand

At the core, branding is nothing more than building a unique nest of perceptions.

Those perceptions, however, are formed holistically by net effect or totality of your brand messages.

In order to position your brand, your company must express these messages in a way that helps align your company with the needs of your buyer.


2. Everyone has a role to play

In order to position your brand successfully, you need to identify the players that will make the company a success. 

These players can be your employees, contractors, investors, customers, and even distributors. Everyone has to be on board with the core values of the company, and they need to be expressed in such a way that makes it easy for everyone – who interacts with your brand – to understand and believe in.

Even though each of these individuals has an opinion of the brand, it is by broadcasting and fulfilling a key set of brand values over and over again is the way brand positioning works.


3. The importance of targeted brand messaging

To shape opinion, your company needs to employ targeted messages that are used each day and driven into the subconscious minds of all those associated with your business.

These messages need to send a unified and simple message through every communication – whether that is on printed material, spoken at conferences, listed on your website, printed on advertising collaterals, and social media.

These key values must be talked about frequently.

This message eventually becomes as much of a part of the company as your employees.

As time passes, your brand is going to mature, and the perception that each employee has will eventually seep into the minds of your customers. In effect, it becomes a key element of the company and part of the reason why buyers are attracted to the company.


4. Your brand position is fluid – nothing is etched in stone

One of the things that is advantageous to regarding brand positioning is that nothing is etched in stone.

Whilst your company branding may have been headed in one direction – as times change over time, so do the values of a company.

Perhaps the advancements in green technology have given the company an opportunity to stop using fossil fuels and opt for more eco-friendly ways to develop their products. This becomes the new message, and brand positioning helps to get that new message to the masses.

If the business cannot evolve, it will lose the customer base that once supported it. When a new direction improves the company and enhances the needs of the customer, branding can help to show the business has the needs of the customer first.


Stay ahead of your competition

Every brand must serve their customers. The key focus has to always be on improving relationships with consumers. When a company shows that they are willing to make changes for the good of the world, they will reap the rewards.

Brand positioning will help businesses to stay ahead of the competition by showing consumers they have their best interest at heart.

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